Bobbin the Robin and Jenny Wren on a Spade Set - Rustic Garden Wildlife Sculpture

£ 39.99

Bobbin the Robin and Jenny Wren on a Spade Set

So excited to show you our brand new designs  of our rustic (literally!) garden sculptures. We thought it would be fun to create our little characters Bobbin and Jenny Wren in a fabulous very special steel thats designed to only rust on the outside but no further, giving a long lasting design that blends in so well with the natural colours of the garden. I have these all over my garden and they look simply amazing. With pointed end so its easy to simply push into the ground (also look great in plant pots too as the image shows!)  The rustic patina really does blend in so well, once you have in your garden you will see exactly what I mean :)  Perfect in any garden, plant pot, or near a flower bed to add interest and quirk!

Please note these are subtle additions to your garden, pots and beds and do not impose.

Dimensions: 480mm by 110mm

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