Bulldog - Rustic Rusted Pet Garden Sculpture - Solid Steel

£ 45.99

A stunning metal sculpture of the wonderful Bulldog breed of dog. Truly British in nature and world famous as he stalwart of the British empire this breed of dog like no other shows us as a nation of dog lovers . Made here in the UK in our small family run workshop using the very finest steel with special properties to rust only on the very top surface of the steel leaving the centre untouched and designed to last years

It's able to be left in all weathers rain or shine and will age beautifully matching the seasons colours.

As well as our other garden animals based on wildlife we are now producing our own range of pet based sculptures so if you don't see the breed you have then simply message us and will try our best to produce your very own breed! 


280mm x 375mm

468mm x 630mm


Please note these garden sculptures are made of steel with a coating of rust. This steel is designed to rust only on the surface and not go any deeper. This is how they come, they are not painted, and are designed to be a rustic rusted look , blending in to your garden perfectly. 

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