Personalised Pet Memorial Pot

£ 35.99

A special pet memorial keepsake. Have your much loved pet's name and dates engraved onto one of our beautiful tuscan designed terracotta pots. Our pots are suitable for your home or outside in your garden, planted with a bulb or special herb of your choice, this will become something you will take pleasure in seeing and looking after, hopefully giving you that much needed memory at such a sad time. A lovely lasting tribute to your pet would be to add your pets ashes to the soil before you plant your flower or tree in the pot? This way you will always have something to remember them by and to enjoy at the same time. Memories to bring back the good times and also moments of contemplation, but knowing you are keeping alive the flame that was you dearest friend.

Our elegant terracotta pots are hand engraved with a paw print, your pets name, a lovely saying and the dates that are important to you . A unique and thoughtful gift perfect for you or a friend who has just lost a much loved pet. 

Our terracotta pots are fired at a high temperature in modern gas fired kilns to give consistency of colour and making them highly durable. The colour is predominantly terracotta red with flecks of white and pale grey.

Terracotta provides great growing conditions for plants as its naturally porous allowing the pot, compost and plant roots to “breathe” whilst assisting in reducing the likelihood of over watering.

Made from:
Terracotta. Suitable for inside use or in the garden. 

18cm high, width 15cm. Drainage hole in base

Please allow 5-7 days to produce your order 

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