Terrier - Rustic Pet Garden Sculpture - Solid Steel

£ 29.99

We are so excited to show you our brand new designs of our rustic (literally!) garden sculptures. We thought it would be fun to create a Terrier in a fabulous very special steel thats designed to only rust on the outside but no further, giving a long lasting design that blends in so well with the natural colours of the garden. I have these all over my garden and they look simply amazing. This sculpture can simply push into the ground or attach a piece of string or wire to hang from your garden fence or shed. The rustic patina really does blend in so well, once you have in your garden you will see exactly what I mean :)  Perfect in any garden or near a flower bed to add interest and quirk! Solid steel and a very very special type of steel designed to rust on the outer layer but no further giving a rustic look thats lasts for years and years! 

Available in two sizes (approx): 

Small 190w x 235h  (7.4 Inches x 9.2 Inches)

Large 270w x 330h (10.6 Inches x 12.9 inches)

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