Paw Print Canvas complete with Magic Paper - Multicolours

£ 49.99

We have developed a stunning new range of products that are completely unique as each one features your dog's actual paw print!

Our paw print canvases all come complete with our magic paw print paper. It is so easy to create your own completely original and beautiful piece of artwork.

All you have to do is purchase your preferred item(s), we will then post out a magic paw print pack to you with full instructions. You then create your paw print with your pet and either photograph it or post it back to us. We will work our magic so that your pet's paw print is digitalised, (this is the mega clever part) which means it can then be reproduced onto any of the wonderful items of your choice from our shop. We guarantee you will love the results! 

If you have a look at the below vlog towards the end it shows you how Hen created Margaux's paw print artwork.

Why not buy one for a family member or friend, all you need to do is sneak a paw print of their pet and we can do the rest!   

A stunning lasting memory for your much loved pet.

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