Match Makers - A Personalised Forest In A Bottle

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Match Makers - A Forest In A Bottle 

Our wonderful Hen has been at it again and her newest eco friendly creation is Match Makers! Why Match Makers? Well this very special personalised gift comes with a set of beautifully long fireside matches but with a very special twist! It also comes with a very cute capsule (even the capsule is biodegradable)  which is filled with wait for it..... tree seeds!!! Growing your very own little forest (each capsule contains at least 6 Silver Birch trees which are native to the British Isles)  which is enough wood for more than a MILLION matches so it's perfect for helping nature sustain itself and more ! (Please note even the enclosed 45 matches are manufactured from trees in managed sustainable forestry in Sweden.) 

Give back to nature at the same time as giving a beautiful personalised gift for someone you love :) 

Height of Bottle : 150mm (with cork)
Width of Bottle :  60mm 

Growing the Silver Birch trees :

Mix the seeds with a little moist horticultural sand and place in loosely-tied plastic bags in the bottom of a fridge (not the freezer!). Four weeks at low temperatures for moist birch seed improves the speed and evenness of germination so this will really help the growth. Separate out and cover the seed with only a couple of mm coarse horticultural sand or grit . It is important that the seed is not covered too thickly as this could prevent germination. Firm the seeds gently. Keep well watered. 

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