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We hope you enjoy this new page which we are so very proud to show you, please enjoy these free jigsaws which will change weekly as we add newer images, remember it is timed so you can keep track of your best times. Within the jigsaws you can choose to show you just the edges and also show the complete picture if you're struggling. And you can change the number of pieces all the way up to a thousand! We hope we have thought of everything but if we haven't we will continue to grow. Please just simply enjoy! Weekly image post on Facebook will let you know when we have new images to play with ....... 

Jelly Beans

A well stocked pantry

Baked Beans

Honfleur Reflections

Honfleur Harbour

The Tall Houses of Honfleur

Personalised Bird Box

Personalised Trowel & Fork Set

Personalised Robin Bird Box

Bobbin Posing

Breakfast Time

Young Bobbin

Rush Hour

Baby Hedgehogs

Lovely Ruby!

Tree Avenue

Horses at Dawn

Hello My Deer

Chatsworth in the Snow

Shelby with his Mums

Where's our woolly jumpers?

Beauty Sleep

My First Snow

Sleepy Head

Sleepy Lucy

Follow Festival

Amber Eyes

Looking up to Dad

Father & Son

Dad Slumber

After the Walk

Dilly Creases

Young Faithful

Fresh Apples

Sleeping Beauties

No Right Of Way


April Spring Creche

Harry and His Rather Large Ears

Open wide

The school run


Come on boys and girls!

Feeding time

Clean behind your ears

Bertie and his mates

Snooze Chops

Afternoon Nap

Be My Valentine


Snow Bobbin

Loving Swans

Too Shy

Funky Range

Their Masters Bench

Let Sleeping Dogs...

Hold My Stick

Ellie the Highland

Beautiful Belle


Jims Platter Royal Oak Hurdlow

Peaches of Tideswell

Arcachon Olives

Snowy Lane

Chatsworth in the Snow

Snow Barn

Labradorable Montage

Puddle Puzzle

Tea Party

Jim's Pheasant

Balloon Field

Two Fat Ladies