Photography Courses

Villager Jim Hedgerow and Country Lane Photography Days

OK here is something really special ! Enjoy a day out in Villager Jim's Peak District. Learn the camera tricks and techniques used by me to create beautiful photographs and capture the scenes and animals of my world using your own camera. 

I am unable to take the courses myself due to my working commitments but the good news is your host for the day is my good friends Chris Gilbert and Phil Sproson. Chris and Phil are amazing photographers and have been leading photography workshops in the Peak District since 2009.

Your day with Chris includes ...

 - Tuition to help you get the best out of your camera, ‘Villager Jim Style'

- Advice on composition 

- A trip out to visit and photograph some of Villager Jim's favourite places and characters (you will recognise so many hopefully!)

- A Packed lunch

- A complimentary Villager Jim book and pack of 6 greetings cards (worth £30.00!)

There will be at most three people on each trip, making your experience quiet and personal. No overcrowding, no being overlooked and no scaring away the wildlife !
We wont promise you that we will see any wildlife - we never really know what we will see ourselves when we go out with our own cameras! - but we will put you in the best possible position to do so. What we can guarantee is lots of beautiful, quiet countryside, some great local critters, fabulous flora and fauna and some brilliant expert guidance.
(The packed lunch is pretty good as well!)

Your day will start and end in Cressbrook where Chris lives (and where some of my tawny owl shots have come from). The exact plan for your day will be made on the day and depends on the weather forecast and what we've seen that week. In Spring and Autumn we start at 10:00am and finish at 6:00pm. In midsummer we start at 11:00am and finish at 7:00pm.  It's a great way to learn some new photography skills and the perfect gift for any photography enthusiast who loves Jim's work.

OK I hear you ask whats so special about this package? Well apart from the inclusive Villager Jim's Peak District book and greetings cards Chris will be taking you to a number of my favourite locations where you can recreate the shots you see on my Facebook pages, places I don't ever reveal fully online and places where Chris does not normally go within his normal tuition making this a very special day that most people don't get to see .

In recent years Chris has featured regularly in the shortlisting stages of national level photography competitions and is an amazing photographer.

For more information on the days please send the form below and we will then make contact and arranges times and dates :)