Villager Jims Wildlife Club

Welcome to a very special page!

Our new club is for everybody and anybody who has a deep love for wildlife and the animals all around us. We thought it would be a good idea to create a club for us all to join so we can share our love for the fabulous animals and birds in our wonderful countryside. As we grow we want to include you in on our journey and learn more about whats living so very close to us, that we sometimes take for granted.

Please join our fun club on the below form to be involved as we hope to grow this into something really special, we will be also be asking you to send us your own wildlife events and we will be sharing them with our followers over the coming weeks and months. 

Additionally we will be giving out special offers for products and services exclusively to club members and sending you a monthly wildlife blog, all totally free and no obligation to anything (don't you hate those lol) This is simple, fun and free ! (a bit like me I guess)

Very soon we are launching a range of competitons for members with some jolly nice prizes all based around our stunning wildlife we have all around us. Some of your shots may even make it onto our product ranges and you can earn money from the sales!

Please join below, it's totally free and as a special favour please pass this on to friends and family who may have the same passion as you and I! You don't have to be into photography or own camera equipment or even go out, this is all about just loving wildlife and every single person is welcome. 

Welcome aboard and hope you enjoy this new adventure with me ...... Lets get going!