Chocolate Dreams - Laptop Tray

£ 28.99

We are so excited to launch our brand new Villager Jim cushioned Laptop Trays! They are of the highest quality and are manufactured here in England! Our Laptop Trays are designed for use with laptops which provide an elevated and comfortable surface for your machine around the home. 

Villager Jim has made sure our Laptop Trays are wider than standard lap trays allowing you to use a mouse at the side of the machine. The flat surface of the tray will help keep your laptop cooler by allowing it to ventilate naturally underneath, unobstructed air vents means no more hot laps or sofa cushions.

Choose from three different finishes and cushion colours, all with your favourite VJ photographs.

The cushion is generously filled with flame retardant polystyrene balls for stability and comfort. 

Dimensions: 32x56cm - 22x12.5 inches.

Wipe clean with a warm damp soft cloth. 


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