Handmade Garden Tool Garland

£ 16.99

Our handmade decorative garden tool garland is designed to decorate your potting shed, tool shed, garage, conservatory or anywhere you wish to add a little bit of fun and a talking point to. This garland has the following 6 tools included: – rake, hoe, shovel, watering can, bucket, hand fork.

The garland can also be hung outside (although the yam wood may fade as it has not been treated and is a natural product and will react accordingly when exposed to the elements).

You can also add wire LED fairy lights to the garland (not included) should you wish, to add that extra special sparkle! They also look great hung on beams or over fireplaces and hearths.

The garland is strung on a length of approximately 5 feet (60 inches) of natural jute string, but can very easily be restrung on any length or colour you may want to use as an alternative.

The hand tools themselves are approximately 11cm long x 5cm wide, with the watering can and bucket approximately 10cm wide x 7cm tall. Sizes may vary slightly as they are all individually produced by hand.

Our garden tool garlands make for a unique gift for any occasion for gardeners and help brighten up any space you may want to hang them in.



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