French Bulldog Plant Pot Hanger

£ 12.99

Our French Bulldog Plant Pot Hanger is made from a durable poly resin and crushed stone based material. It is frost proof, UVA resistant and hand-painted using lead-free products – meaning you can leave it outside all year around and the paintwork will not fade or flake in extreme temperatures and the product will not be adversely affected by frost.

Our Plant Pot Hangers are also used widely with indoor pots and planters, vases, mirrors, lamps, fruit bowls or indeed anything with a ‘lip’ that he can hang on to! Add a bit of fun to your living room and a real talking point for your friends.

The French Bulldog is an ideal gift for garden and French Bulldog lovers alike, and will add a little pizzazz and fun to your pots or as a hanging ornament elsewhere in your home. 

All of our Plant Pot Hangers are hand-painted so colours may vary slightly between different production runs. They are not guaranteed to fit every pot size.

DIMENSIONS: H5.5 x W4.5 x D10.5cm



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