Memorial Pet Photo Cushion

£ 32.99

Treasure memories of your very special family member forever with our pet photo cushion. Personalised with an image of your choice and your dogs name.

This is Balu. 

Balu was a very very special dog, she was my first chocolate Labrador and we loved her dearly, sadly she passed away at only 9 years old from cancer and it broke our hearts, as I'm sure anyone reading this has felt the same. Over the few years of running my page I have always been struck how many times this happens to others and how devastating it is to those concerned. With this in mind we thought keeping alive the great memories you have of all the good times was a positive way of remembering, and not forgetting, those little guys who light up our lives.  We all know the heartbreak it causes to lose a family member with 4 legs and we wanted to find the best way of always being in touch with the thoughts and great moments they brought us and at the same time we gave back to them our love and devotion. 

I have lost 7 dogs over my life Brutus, Poppet, Elsa, Becky, Etta, Lottie, and Balu and each and every one was as special as the last, having something to remember them by has really helped me bring back those wonderful moments we had.
I thought it may be nice to share the thought with you all to create your very own memories of good times.......
Villager Jim 

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