Moorland Stag Canvas

£ 32.99

I was on the moors at dawn taking misty shots and was by the roadside taking the moorland with beautiful whisps of mist dusting the heather. I watch a huge tractor come up the road an give a friendly wave to the driver. He drives up the road and disappears. I look towards the moor and smile that I’m the only one here and the view is amazing and how good life is, when i turn to my left after hearing a gentle thud, and I’m face with a full grown stag having just jumped out of the woodland staring at me 30 metres away stood in the  middle of the road. He then jumps the dry stone wall without even the tiniest effort and proceeds to trot out into the moor and then stops, and turns to me full on. Im stood there just not able to take in whats he’s doing for me and I clatter off maybe 20 shots with him only metres away. He then proceeds to walk off into the moorland and through the mist. I just stood there overcome with emotion and have to be honest shed a tear. Moments don’t come any more special than that. And that memory will be with me for a long long time as he stood and turned as if to say come on jim you wanted this shot nows your moment……   and of course Moorland Stag has now been made a limited edition print and canvas in the shop. Its going up on my own wall thats for sure :) :)

Stop press - now a limited edition signed print also !


Please Note : If you don't see the image you like as a canvas simply email me and can happily put on the shop the same day for you any image you choose from my collection, all i need is you to let me know which one!

Our canvases have to be seen to appreciate the quality product. All of the canvases are hand made in the UK using the very best components and I am very proud to say when you receive you will appreciate the craftsmanship gone into making them. The thicker 38mm from is truly a work of art in itself and is in my opinion worth the extra cost. The canvases are all laminated , scratch proof, cleanable and are UV protected for up to 200 years!

Unrivaled image quality using a 1440 dpi canvas printer. All canvases are sent bubble wrapped and securely packaged in high quality boxes.

I must stress that these are not far east imports, these are truly the best quality canvas prints you can buy today on the market and hand made in the UK!


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