The Showdown - Sheep Print

£ 34.99

Villager Jim opened up his pocket watch (the tune from Ennio Morricone - The Musical Pocket Watch - google it before reading on!)

It was just him and Geraldine. She wanted blood. He had called her Janice too many times now and things had got to stop. Their eyes met and burrowed into each other with total hatred. Jim spat to the floor his well chewed cheroot with all the disgust he could muster and shuffled with his trigger finger.

The seconds ticked by ……

Jim shot just the once, bottled it big time, got back in his car, 28 point turn and legged it.


Mounted Photographic Prints

This beautiful image comes mounted on professional mounting board, signed by Villager Jim and ready for framing.

If your really lucky you may also get a little extra present in the package too! ;)


Note : If you don't see an image you have seen on my facebook then simply email me and request it for the shop and it will go on the same day ! (remember to give me description of which one you mean!)

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