Beagle - Rustic Pet Garden Sculpture - Solid Steel

£ 45.99

Handcrafted our studio this stunning metal sculpture of the famous Beagle dog will go so well in your garden and match in with all the glorious colours of the seasons. Made from a very special steel designed to rust but only the very top layer and no more giving a long lasting addition to your garden. It can be hung also indoors or out or simply pushed into the ground (or plant pots!) . Making a beautiful silhouette in the early morning or sunset this really is a lovely addition to anyones garden.

We are so proud to make these here in our Villager Jim Studio and we hope you enjoy the uniqueness. A perfect memorial gift if you have lost your beloved pet also leaving a permanent reminder of your special friend. The beagle is a friendly fun loving breed who lives to be outdoors sniffing around so now we have made one that can be outdoors all the time, whatever the weather!
As well as our other garden animals based on wildlife we are now producing our own range of pet based sculptures so if you don't see the breed you have then simply message us and will try our best to produce your very own breed!


31cm x 36cm

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