Highland Cow Family Print

£ 19.99

FOLD NAME : (This is what you call a highland cow gang! Its NOT a herd! They seem to get angry if you call them that lol - Fee has shouted at me 20 times for this - VJ)  So please put your family name where it says Fold name 

So we all love Highlands, Fee my business partner breeds them, so what better family print than a Highland Cow Fold! (Highlands are not a herd they are a Fold, everyday is a school day!)

You can choose your family, we have Dad, Mum, Son, daughter and baby.

Your print will come printed onto the highest quality watercolour paper, printed with inks that will not fade in sunlight so you can treasure your print for a long time.

Please note if you leave the field blank we will not include thees in your print. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK ALL ELEMENTS AND TEXT as these cannot be refunded. 

We understand that all families are different so if you would like something a little bespoke please contact fiona@villagerjim.com, please note this may be an additional cost.

Please note the print is not framed.

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