Ascent of Stag COLOUR Canvas

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Ascent Of Stag - So many people have asked for me to make this image in full colour that we have had to do ! One of the most amazing moments for me in all my photographic days - this group of stags all in perfect size order really truly made my year and ive now made it a canvas , don't think i will ever top this moment.

It was taken near the village of Edensor in the peak district, it was a disgustingly horrid morning with fog and drizzle and so nearly didnt go out, but off I went and on way back from the moors where i shoot a lot of wildlife photography I came through the village of Beeley on way to Edensor and noticed 2 stags appear at the top of a hill. at some moment I saw a walker with rucksack on walking maybe 100 metres to their left towards them. I pulled up and got out of car to take the shot and as I opened the door another stag appeared, then another and another , so I'm thinking amazing stuff as I took my large lens and camera to my eye yet another stag sat up and appeared, as I was taking the shot I was shaking at the disbelief of what was happening in front of me. I have that lone walker to thank for a shot of what is for me a 1 in a 10 million moment !! 

NB. This image has some graininess within it, it was taken on a foggy rainy day and as such has a level of grain within the image to reflect this. It is in now way a defect and actually enhances the atmosphere of this unique moment in time that I'm sure will never be repeated. 



Please Note : If you don't see the image you like as a canvas simply email me and can happily put on the shop the same day for you any image you choose from my collection, all i need is you to let me know which one!

Our canvases have to be seen to appreciate the quality product. All of the canvases are hand made in the UK using the very best components and I am very proud to say when you receive you will appreciate the craftsmanship gone into making them. The thicker 38mm from is truly a work of art in itself and is in my opinion worth the extra cost. The canvases are all laminated , scratch proof, cleanable and are UV protected for up to 200 years!

Unrivaled image quality using a 1440 dpi canvas printer. All canvases are sent bubble wrapped and securely packaged in high quality boxes.

I must stress that these are not far east imports, these are truly the best quality canvas prints you can buy today on the market and hand made in the UK!    


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