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Barnaby the Labrador Doorstop

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A wonderful little story to this. I met a chap randomly a few months ago whilst out with my camera who is also a passionate wildlife photographer called Alan. We chatted away and said our goodbyes and then a few days after we bumped into each other again and had another chinwag about wildlife and stuff and then every so often we would run into each other at various locations and to cut a long story short we have become pals. Anyways one day we were gassing away and I asked what he did and in that chat he mentioned his wife Rachel loves to sew things. Off I went and my mind started to whir and next time I saw Alan I asked if his wife fancied making us some doorstops and he said she has already made loads! So after much fun choosing materials etc we now have the most gorgeous range of Villager Jims animals as doorstops! Whats so wonderful is they are made meticulously by hand here in Derbyshire by a passionate lady who goes way beyond the normal quality control, these simply are so well made and totally made in Derbyshire 🙂 🙂 These are only very limited supply as Rachel can only make them so fast so they will come in every few weeks, let me know which is your favourite design! I just love how life throws random things along ......

Our doorstops are both beautiful and practical. Lovingly handmade in the UK by Rachel who we have been working with to create these exquisite doorstops and hope to expand the range very soon.

Made with material featuring one of Villager Jim's special characters that we all know and love, these will compliment any home interior. 

Size: Approx 19cm x 13cm


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