Best Dad Pint

£ 11.99 £ 16.99

Hands up who has the best Dad? *Fee puts her hand up!! Well now you can tell him with our solid steel Best Dad Pint sculpture. This sculpture will last for years as it is designed to rust out the outer layer only and your Dad can hang it in his shed/on his fence and be reminded he is the Best Dad always.

*** Please note well the product is sent out in an un-rusted format allowing you the option to paint it or keep it shiny (we strongly recommend that if kept shiny you will need a coating of clear sealant to stop it rusting or to keep in a dry place with no moisture at all as the metal is designed to take on a rusted sheen) 

Size approx:
100mm w x 200mm h


The metal sculptures are made to order and hand finished, therefore they can take up to 5 working days from order to deliver. Please allow plenty of time with this in mind for any gift occasion.


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