Red Setter - Rustic Rusted Pet Garden Sculpture - Solid Steel

£ 32.99

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Our stunning new steel sculptures are designed to rust, but we have so many requests for an 'un-rusted' version we decided to supply our art in its un-rusted form too. This allows you the choice to keep it in your home in the beautiful shiny format, or if you desire the rusted style you simply leave outside in your garden and within a week or so rust will soon be forming to give it the classic rustic finish.

It's very quick to change the sculpture to rusty in our British weather but you can speed up the process by spraying some water on the surface every few days, faster still a mixture of 1 part household vinegar to 20 parts water simply sprayed or brushed onto the surface every few days) . It's so much fun to watch it transform into the perfect garden sculpture!  But we have kept the product un-rusted in case you want to keep shiny or paint it using any metal paint.

Should you decide to put your sculpture outside in the garden they are made of steel that is designed to rust, only on the surface and not go any deeper due to the very clever steel composition at molecular level designed for this very purpose. The product uses this much more expensive steel so that it lasts a lifetime.

**** PLEASE NOTE - The product is delivered in un-rusted  format ****

Please note that the metal sculptures are made to order and hand finished, therefore they can take up to 10-14 working days from order to deliver. Please allow plenty of time with this in mind for any gift occasion.

Available in two sizes: 

Small 200w x 253h

Large 287w x 363h

Extra Large 431w x 545h


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