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UFOS - Unidentified Flying Owl & Sheep - Sheepies Art Cushion

£ 29.99


Villager Jim's 3 sheepies are become quite famous and what fun we thought it would be to create their own cushion range. Millie the Little Owl and Mez the sheep on their way to meet the aliens...

This is something super special for us. Our in-house artist Jonathan has created a range of designs all based around our dogs,  Highland cattle, wildlife and has amazingly brought the characters to life in a beautiful unique art form. We will be creating new and exciting products from this art and we hope you enjoy them as much as we have had making them. They are the most fun range that make you smile

All of our cushions made from Faux Suede making them feel irresistible to the touch giving you the overwhelming desire to bury your face in one! Beautiful quality coupled with beautiful photos make this one of those very special additions to your home.  

As with most of our products, these cushions are all handmade in the UK.

Size: 45cm x 45cm complete with inner


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