Welly Boot Family Print

£ 19.99

We all love to wear our wellies, so we thought why not make a Welly Boot Family Print!

You can choose Dad's, Mum's, your children's welly boots and even add your pets to your print! Obviously this can be Grandad, Nan etc etc the choice is yours.

Then to give it an extra personal touch you can add extras to your print, such as umbrellas, hats and your choice of bunting colour! 

Our cushions are made with faux suede, here in England, and we guarantee you will treasure it forever.

Please note if you leave the field blank we will not include thees in your print. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK ALL ELEMENTS AND TEXT as these cannot be refunded. 

We understand that all families are different so if you would like something a little bespoke please contact fiona@villagerjim.com, please note this may be an additional cost.

Note the print is not framed.

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