Flying Bee, Butterfly & Dragonfly Trio Set - Rustic Rusted Garden Wildlife Sculpture - Solid Steel

£ 44.99

If you cannot decide between our beautiful new flying insect range why not purchase this lovely trio? It consists of a bee, butterfly and dragonfly and you can see just how beautiful they all look together. Go on treat yourself and your garden, they will bring you great joy.

After the success of our insects that attached to the fence we have now developed a range that can fly in your flowerbeds! Our flying insects are attached to a steel rod that is 400mm, the perfect height to sit amongst the flowers and really look like they are flying around them! 

Why not collect the whole range!

Size: 250mm x 184mm

Our stunning new steel sculptures are designed to rust, but we have had so many requests for an un-rusted version we decided to supply our art in the steel format too. This allows you the choice to paint it in a colour of your liking for indoor use or if you desire the rusted style as per our image you simply leave the sculpture outside in your garden and within a week or so rust will soon be forming to give it the classic rustic finish.

Our sculptures are intended to rust & will do easily subjected to our British weather however you can speed up the process by spraying some water on the surface every few days or alternatively add a mixture of 1 part household vinegar to 20 parts water, spray or brush onto the surface a couple of times to quicken up the transformation. The steel composition at molecular level rusts only on the surface and does not penetrate deeper. It is an expensive steel that lasts a lifetime.

It's fun to watch it transform into the perfect garden sculpture!  

PLEASE NOTE: should you wish to keep your sculpture in its un-rusted state you must either apply a sealant protection of some kind to the bare steel, or keep it in a very dry location. All sizes are approx.

***The product is delivered in its un-rusted state: see the second image***

The metal sculptures are made to order and hand finished, therefore they can take up to 10 working days from order to deliver. Please allow plenty of time with this in mind for any gift occasion.


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