Personalised Large Love Heart - Rustic Rusted Garden Sign

£ 24.99

Personalised Large Love Heart

Brand new to our fabulous rustic steel collection ! We have now brought in new equipment that enables us to put text on the steel in great detail so our beautiful solid steel memory heart can now be personalised with your very own pets name making it perfect for a lifetime memorial or a celebration of the love for your pet.
Made from our usual special steel designed to rust only on the very surface of the steel and no deeper, lasting a lifetime in your garden or home.
To gain the stunning rustic effect you simply leave out in the British weather for a couple of weeks and the surface rust will  form making a stunning antique effect that all will admire ! 
Please Note: The sculpture arrives in UNRUSTED format allowing you to keep shiny if you so wish but do not let moisture on the surface or it will follow its natural course and rust.

The heart is slightly larger also with the size being  150x150
Please fill in the name you would like on the heart, up to 8 letters.

Please allow 10 days delivery as these are bespoke made in our warehouse in Stamford and very proud to say made in the UK!

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